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Telus bails on unlimited internet, bandwidth plays on for a price : Report
Telus bails on unlimited internet, bandwidth plays on for a price : Report

Telus bails on unlimited internet, bandwidth plays on for a price : Report

Telus Internet subscribers should check their service agreement fine print before the communications giant starts charging customers who exceed their monthly data limits.

“The new charges are designed to ensure the amount customers pay for internet service reflects their actual data consumption – you pay for what you use,” the release said.

“For customers who go over their monthly data allowance, TELUS will charge an additional $5 for the first 50 gigabytes (GB) of data, and $10 for each additional 50 GB. We are also introducing unlimited data add-ons for $15 a month for customers with TELUS TV, $30 a month for other Internet customers.”

The new policy is for usage-based charges in B.C. and Alberta.

Usage-based pricing is when consumers pay internet service providers for a specific amount of data they agree to consume instead of a flat fee for unlimited data.

“In the last 16 months alone our customers’ monthly internet data usage has more than doubled,” the Telus announcement said.

“Further, much of this consumption is being driven by a minority of our customers — in fact, less than five per cent of our internet customers are consuming 25 per cent of the data on our network in any given month.”

The new charge goes into affectstarting on March 2015 bills.


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    1. So dump telus and go with a unlimited provider.

    2. How to get out of your telus contract so you can switch providers.

      Call them and tell them your moving, give them a rural address that does not have telus internet or optik tv.
      I did it and got out of my 3 year contract 🙂

    3. That’s nothing AT&T charges $10 for 1 Gig so add that up ,,,if your getting 50 Gig for $5 you are very luck that would be $500 with are preciouses AT&T and the way the Internet is today normal usage just checking E male Facebook and getting automatic updates is a minimum of 2 Gig per day,,,, I am now paying $60 a month for super slow unlimited internet from AT&T that means .006 KB per second ,, that translates to 5 minutes to load 1 page and forget about anything streaming ,, NO VIDIO , NO MUSIC and 5 minute wait to read 1 page of text and seeing a X anywhere a picture should be,,, and they even tell you after 2.2 GIG OF HIGH SPEED (1 DAY) of use “we are throttling you now down to extremely slow service” basically thanks for your $60 now eat shit the rest of the month…………… THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND FIXXED WITH THE GIANT ISP”S WHEN THEY SAY UNLIMITED HIGHT SPEED INTERNET SERVICE ,, IT IS BULL SHIT AND A STRAIGHT UP LIE AND SHOULD BE FIXXED AND UNDER THIS NEW NET NEUTRALITY BUT IM SURE THEY WILL KEEP DOING THE SAME THING….EASY MONEY FUCK THE CUSTOMER

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