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Tanya Gonzalez : Body Found In Trunk Of Missing Woman’s Car
Tanya Gonzalez : Body Found In Trunk Of Missing Woman’s Car

Tanya Gonzalez : Body Found In Trunk Of Missing Woman’s Car

The Miami-Dade County medical examiner’s office has confirmed that the body found in the trunk of Tanya Gonzalez’s car Tuesday was that of the missing 28-year-old.

Gonzalez had been missing since Sept. 9 and was last seen shopping with her aunt in Midtown.

From the start, the family placed the blame on Gonzalez’s ex-boyfriend, Roy Ruz Blanco, who died hours after the car and body were found after he stabbed himself in the Florida Keys.

Blanco, 33, was considered a person of interest in the disappearance of Gonzalez, who had broken up with Blanco and moved out after they lived together for five years.

The picture that was painted of Blanco by some of those that knew him runs counter to a person who may be involved in a crime.

“If I was asked to pick somebody out that would be least likely to do something like that, I would pick him,” Juan Quintero, Blanco’s manager at the Greenstreet Cafe said. “The guy was very humble. I mean for his stature, you know, as he was, he was actually quite polite.”

Still, Tanya’s father, Ramon Gonzalez, said the relationship between his daughter and Roy turned toxic.

“The relationship with him, with my daughter, trying to govern her life, trying to point where my daughter couldn’t move anything if he wan’t present there,” he said.

Blanco’s mother was also with him in the Florida Keys and also attempted suicide, taking an unknown number of pills, authorities said. She remained hospitalized early Wednesday.

Earlier Tuesday, police said a body was found in Gonzalez’s car, which they found parked outside a home on Southwest 4th Street in the City of Miami.

Police haven’t confirmed Blanco’s role in Gonzalez’s disappearance, but the family says they’re certain he was involved.

“Roy, the one thing we knew, that he was behind all this from the beginning,” Ramon said. “He paid the ultimate price too, and he paid for it with his own hands, the ones that killed my daughter.”


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