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Suspects in fake ice bucket challenge prank identified (Video)
Suspects in fake ice bucket challenge prank identified

Suspects in fake ice bucket challenge prank identified (Video)

Bay Village Police have identified suspects they believe dumped a bucket of urine and spit on a teen with special needs in an ice bucket challenge.

The teens allegedly convinced the 14-year-old victim to do the challenge, but instead of dumping water and ice on him, they chose to fill the bucket with feces, urine, cigarette butts and spit.

Police were notified after the recorded prank was posted on Instagram.

Since then, the Bay Village community has responded in a big way to show support for the 14-year-old boy. A vigil protesting bullying was held a few days after the incident.

Days later, Drew Carey tweeted:

If the Bay Village PD wants to start a reward fund to find who did this, contact me. I’ll donate $10k.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have joined him in offering donations.

At this time, it is unknown what charges will be filed. School officials say no disciplinary action will be taken until after police have completed their investigation.

His family is still outraged.

“It shouldn’t happen to any child with special needs or not,” said David Mensen, the boy’s father.

19 Action News legal expert, Attorney Ron Frey, says prosecutors could be looking at possible assault charges against the teen suspects.

Under Ohio law, no person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to another. Physical harm means any injury, illness, or other physiological impairment regardless of its gravity or duration.

Does the school district have any legal action against the teens? The incident didn’t happen on school property or during school hours.

It’s rare ,but the school district could try and suspend or expel the teens if they can prove what they did interfered with the victim’s educational process.


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    1. Regretfully, teens such as this are the mothers and fathers of tomorrow. Actions such as this is a clear indicator as to what types of people they will become. I, for one hope they get an adult type punishment and are held in contempt by their school mates and community.

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