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SJP : Actress slams “outrageous” plastic surgery
SJP Actress slams "outrageous" plastic surgery

SJP : Actress slams “outrageous” plastic surgery

Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker has hit out at claims that she is considering having surgery to make her hands look better. Sarah was recently the subject of a tabloid article, which suggested that she was thinking about getting her “witch hands” improved, something which made the actress feel physically ill.

“It was a really particularly vicious issue,” she shared on the TV show. “And it was all about how all these particular people are hated and they’re the worst and they’re awful and everybody hates them. It was really brutal and I was literally thinking to myself, ‘Good god, I escaped that.’

“And I flipped the page and there was an article about my hands and how ugly they are and how I should go have cosmetic surgery to fix them and I have been contemplating the surgery or I had the surgery. And then there was a really crude drawing of my hands as a witch’s hands.”

SJP added that reading the article on her travels, made her feel so bad that she required medical help.

However she soon figured out that it was the writer who had the problem, not her, and that she was comfortable with the hands inherited from her mother.

“Literally, I was in the car like dizzy,” she said. “I felt like I needed to be hospitalised. But it really got me to thinking. And here’s what I thunk: I thought, ‘Really? This is how low?’ Like we are now going to attack, to suggest an appendage is now worthy of…it was so ridiculous, so outrageous to me because, here’s the thing, we’ll wrap this up. I love my hands.

“Anyways, it’s ludicrous. I’ve given it more time than it deserves.”


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