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Singer Miley Cyrus insures her actual tongue for $1million?
Miley cyrus tongue

Singer Miley Cyrus insures her actual tongue for $1million?

For Miley Cyrus, her tongue, even more than her twerking, has become her trademark, for better or blech. Put a camera or a crowd in front of her and the former Disney star just can’t keep that lolling licker inside her maw, even when it comes to demolition equipment.

So fine, Miley, you have our attention. And that wayward tongue is telling us a lot.

We see a 21-year-old who is no longer a girl but not quite a woman of the world, to paraphrase another controversy-courting poplet, the poet Britney Spears. With a saucy serpentine flick, Cyrus is both brat and seductress. And we the public — both turned off and titillated — can’t stop tweeting about this curious emblem of 21st century popular culture: silly, slightly disrespectful and unleashed by a powerful artist who knows how to take full advantage of it.

Miley Cyrus is not the first celebrity to insure her body part. Many celebrities have insured certain parts of their body like Mariah Carey’s beautiful legs are insured for $1 billion, while David Beckham’s legs are insured for $70 million. Meanwhile, Julia Robert’s heart melting smile costs $30 million and Madonna’s breasts costs $2 million.

Insuring certain body parts is not a modern thing. Betty Davis’ waistline, that was 28 inches, was insured, and Jimmy Durante, his nose was insured for $50,000. Hollywood has a long history of body parts insurance.

Surplus lines insurance for celebrities is mainly done by Lloyds of London. This peculiar type of insurance allows celebrities to obtain insurance policies for their most valuable physical assets.

Normal people can still get their body parts insured. However, they have to go through the process of contacting Lloyds of London and a surplus line carrier and then paying a premium. Moreover, getting a premium highly depends on your occupation and the risk involved in it.

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