“Sexting” and Teen's Sexual Activity, New Study
“Sexting” and Teen's Sexual Activity, New Study

“Sexting” and Teen’s Sexual Activity, New Study

Sexting is texting accompanied with sexual pictures of your self to someone else. They can be nude photos, pictures of genitalia only or provocative poses. A new study looks at teens and sexting to see if teens that participate in sexting are more likely to become sexually active. A kind of which comes first scenario- sexual activity then sexting, or sexting then sexual activity?

The study results indicated that sexting might precede sexual intercourse in some cases and further cements the idea that sexting behavior could be the credible sign of teenage sexual activity.

Further, the researchers did not find a link between sexting and risky sexual behavior over time, which might suggest that sexting is becoming a part of growing up.

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston stated that sexting might be the new “normal” part of adolescent sexual development and was not strictly limited to at-risk teens.

Jeff Temple, an associate professor and psychologist at UTMB, said that teen sexting was fairly common among teens and might be associated with other typical adolescent behaviors such as substance use; however it was not associated with either good or poor mental well being.

This study was also among the first to consider the differences between actively sending a nude picture versus asking or being asked for a nude picture. Researchers found that actually sending a sext was the important part of the link between sexting and sexual behavior, as opposed to merely asking or being asked for a nude picture.


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