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Schumacher condition : F1 legend ‘giving reactions with his mouth’
Schumacher condition : F1 legend 'giving reactions with his mouth'

Schumacher condition : F1 legend ‘giving reactions with his mouth’

Michael Schumacher’s manager has dismissed claims by a German magazine that doctors have stopped the “waking up process” as he continues to be slowly brought out of the medically-induced coma he has been in for nearly two months.

Reports from German magazine Focus suggested doctors had abandoned attempts to wake up the German motor racing ace due to “complications”. According to The Telegraph, Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm says those rumors have been misinterpreted.

“This phase can take a long time,” she said, adding it can “lead to many misinterpretations”. The hospital in Grenoble itself, where Schumacher is being treated, has minimized the release of official information.

Schumacher’s exact condition still isn’t known, and it’s unlikely we’ll get further reports without any significant developments in the German star’s condition. Some though are still reporting good signs, such as Schumacher’s ex-Ferrari teammate and friend Felipe Massa. The current Williams driver recently visited Schumacher in hospital, after which he said he felt “very positive” about Schumacher’s condition. Massa says he saw his ex-teammate’s mouth move as he spoke to him.

“I have no experience to say anything. I’m not a doctor. But when I saw him, for me, it looked very positive,” Massa is reported to have said.


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