Researchers Discover There's No Such Thing As a Male or Female Brain
Researchers Discover There's No Such Thing As a Male or Female Brain

Researchers Discover There’s No Such Thing As a Male or Female Brain

Do you have a male brain or a female brain? The answer, according to science, is no.

Many people still think that men and women have completely different brains (all those stereotypes about women being better and multitasking and men being good at logical problems come to mind), but this recent research is something to think about.

The study has been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS.

It was led by scientists from Israel’s Tel Aviv University, found that human brains are built from unique ‘mosaics’ of characteristic features, some of which are more common in women than in men, while others are more common in men than in women, and others are common to both.

The researchers concluded that brains in which only female or only male features prevailed were quite rare.

Lead author Daphna Joel and her team examined detailed brain scans of more than 1400 men and women.

In each analysis, researchers identified a sub-group of brain regions with the most noticeable differences between the genders.

The findings indicate that most human brains are heterogeneous ‘mosaics’ of features more predominant in men, more predominant in women or in the middle.

That heterogeneity led researchers to conclude that human brains do not fall into one of two different structural characteristics and therefore there is not a ‘male brain’ and a ‘female brain’.


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