Rabid Skunk Found Near Blyth, Report
Rabid Skunk Found Near Blyth, Report

Rabid Skunk Found Near Blyth “Report”

A rabid skunk has been found in the Blyth area.

The Huron County Health Unit reports a skunk was found near a herd of cows on the North Huron farm, before the landowner shot the animal.

The health unit is reminding the public to avoid contact with wild animals. Make sure that all dogs and cats, including those in the barn, are vaccinated against rabies.

What is rabies?

It’s a virus that can infect domestic and wild animals and can be spread to humans. Rabies attacks the central nervous system and eventually makes its way to the brain. The disease occurs throughout the world, except Antarctica and a few island nations.

How is rabies spread to humans?

The virus travels through the saliva of infected animals, usually as a result of bites, scratches or licks on broken skin. The vast majority of people who become infected were bitten or scratched by an animal, with the face and upper body being the riskiest areas.

However, there are also some cases of organ or tissue transplants, where the virus was transmitted via the transplant.

The virus spreading among humans is very uncommon.

“Person-to-person transmission is theoretically possible, but rare and not well-documented,” according to the Public Health Agency of Canada website.

The agency says the risk for children becoming infected is estimated at four times higher than adults. Boys are also at a highter risk than girls.

Treating rabies

If you have been exposed (bitten, scratched or licked) by an animal that might have rabies, you’ll need to seek medical advice to determine whether you need to have a course of treatment to prevent rabies. This is known as post-exposure treatment.

It’s important this is done before you develop symptoms. Once symptoms develop, the infection cannot be treated and it’s almost always fatal.


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