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Pope francis new tone on divorce
Pope francis new tone on divorce

Pope francis new tone on divorce

In his daily homily Pope Francis reflected on the beauty of marriage, emphasizing that when it fails, we should not condemn the couple, but accompany them on a path of healing in the Church.

“Love fails many times,” the pontiff said and called Catholics to “feel the pain of the failure, walk along with the person who has suffered the failure of love.”

“Don’t condemn them, walk with them,” Francis stated only a week after a meeting he held with cardinals to discuss family-related issues such as contraception, cohabitation, divorce and gay relationships. In the gathering, he urged cardinals to be “intelligent, courageous and loving” in their debate.

“How nice is marriage, how nice is family, how nice is going this way and how much love. How much nearness we must offer to our brothers and sisters who have suffered the hardship of failing in love,” the first Latin American pope in history insisted today and called to “not fall into casuistry.”

“That is the trap, behind casuistry there is always a trap against people, against us and against God.”


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