Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Finally Complete a Global Mission
Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Finally Complete a Global Mission

Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Finally Complete a Global Mission

Pokemon Sun and Moon players finally beat the third Global Mission released by Nintendo. This breaks a few months of bad luck for players. What did they do to conquer this challenge?

They managed to trade up to a million Pokemon within Pokemon Sun and Moon over the course of four days, with 10 days to spare.

Players were closer at completing the second global mission, where they had to use the Island Scan feature in the game to find, catch or defeat a million collective Pokemon. When the mission deadline hit, players had only been able to scan a little over 50 percent of the goal number.

But Sun and Moon players have rallied to nail the third global mission, which asked them to trade a total of one million Pokemon using the Global Trade Station in the game.

According to a tweet by Serebii.net, players have already traded 1,082,871 Pokemon, beating the goal by more than 82,000 Pokemon.

Finally, players who participated will receive the full reward for hitting the global mission, which for this one is 2,000 Festival Coins.

As alluded to in the above tweet, players now have a chance to reach additional milestones before the Feb. 14 deadline for the chance to claim even more rewards. According to Polygon, if players can up the trade amount to two million Pokemon, players will each receive a Friend Ball.

Friend Balls are an item used to catch Pokemon in Sun and Moon. A wild Pokemon caught with a Friend Ball will immediately become more friendly to the trainer. Useful indeed.


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