Pokémon GO Has Lost 79 Percent Of Its Paying Customers
Pokémon GO Has Lost 79 Percent Of Its Paying Customers

Pokémon GO Has Lost ’79 Percent’ Of Its Paying Customers

Analytics company Slice Intelligence reported on Friday that the number of paying Pokémon Go players in the United States peaked on July 15 and has since dropped 79 percent.

Regardless, the game remains to be the world’s most leading producer of mobile market sales. It generates nearly 25-percent of total spending for mobile games as of this month. This isn’t something to be taken lightly.

This amount of market dominance is truly the hallmark of the success of the influence of Pokémon as a franchise.

Pokémon merchandise as a whole also made a big jump from August 2015 and up until 2016. The merchandise of the franchise earned 233-percent more than the output last year. Pokémon GO is also the reason why Nintendo 3DS sales have boosted.

The addition of the buddy system and newer Pokémon can just skyrocket Nintendo and Pokémon GO’s popularity among the masses once more. The buddy system will allow trainers to assign buddy creatures. They will earn candy as they walk together, which gives an opportunity to power up and evolve the aforementioned creatures.

The success of Nintendo’s venture into mobile gaming depends on Super Mario Run‘s success. But Pokémon GO is evidence that Nintendo can still profit a lot from Pokémon GO.

The game is currently available worldwide on the iOS and Android devices. The game gained popularity for being the first augmented reality title to gain this much player attention. Other Niantic Labs titles such as Ingress makes use of the same AR engine, but it hasn’t become as popular as the Nintendo franchise.


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