Patrick Carney : Black Keys says Jack White tried to fight him in a bar last night
Patrick Carney : Black Keys says Jack White tried to fight him in a bar last night

Patrick Carney: Black Keys says Jack White tried to fight him in a bar last night

Patrick Carney has accused Jack White of trying to start a fight with him when the two bumped into each other at a New York City bar last night.

White and The Black Keys have a colourful and far from amicable past, which reignited last year when emails sent from White to his estranged wife Meg White were leaked, which showed him strongly criticising Dan Auerbach.

Later, White told Rolling Stone magazine, “I’ll hear TV commercials where the music’s ripping off sounds of mine, to the point I think it’s me. Half the time, it’s The Black Keys.”

He also insisted: “Adele selling 20 million records? That would not have happened if Amy Winehouse was alive. The White Stripes did the same thing, and in our absence, you’re gonna find someone to fill that. And you get a band like The Black Keys, who said they never heard of The White Stripes? Sure.”

Now, Patrick Carney has taken to Twitter to accuse White of trying to fight him in a club in New York City last night. “I’ve never met Jack White,” he wrote, “until last night. He came to a bar in Nyc [sic] I go to a lot with a few friends and tried to fight me. I don’t fight and don’t get fighting but he was mad!!!”

He continued, “He is why I play music. The bully assholes who made me feel like nothing. Music was a private non competitive thing. Not sure what he’s unhappy with cuz I just liked Zeppelin a lot and wanted to play guitar. Cut my pinky off and ended up being a drummer.”

“Not the best drummer but a passionate one. But any way jack white. A 40 year old bully tried to fight the 35 year old nerd. It might get loud but it might also get really really sad and pathetic. Jack white is basically billy corgan’s dumb ass zero t-shirt in human form.”

UPDATE: Jack White has responded to Patrick Carney’s allegation, issuing a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “Nobody tried to fight you, Patrick,” White says. “Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away. So quit whining to the internet and speak face to face like a human being. End of story.”


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