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Pamela Anderson’s defends silicone implants : Star Advises FDA
Pamela Anderson's defends silicone implants

Pamela Anderson’s defends silicone implants : Star Advises FDA

A Food and Drug Administration Advisory Panel has recommended that the FDA approve silicone breast implants for widespread cosmetic use.

Silicone implants were banned in the US over a decade ago amid allegations that leaking silicone had caused a wide variety of health problems. In 1995, Dow Corning, the leading manufacturer of breast implants, declared bankruptcy because of the medical claims. But no connection between the medical problems and the implants was ever scientifically established.

The advisory panel comprised Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore, Jenny McCarthy, Mary Carey and Anna Nicole Smith, who are all well-known experts on breast implants.

“We think the FDA should admit it had no basis for banning silicone implants,” said Pamela Anderson. “It’s time to make a clean breast of it. I wash mine every day.”

“They should get it off their chest,” agreed Demi Moore. “I’ve got them off my chest when I’ve taken them out for larger implants, and also when I downsized.”

“I was really worried when the FDA banned these implants,” said Jenny McCarthy. “Now I feel like such a boob.”

“Implants are good for business,” said Mary Carey. ” And they can be tax deductible too.”

“We think they should be allowed for widespread use,” said Anna Nicole Smith. “Mine are wide spread.”

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