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NY Roommates return $41000 found in couch
NY Roommates return $41000 found in couch

NY Roommates return $41000 found in couch

A group of New York roommates made a $41,000 discovery in the cushions of an old, smelly couch. The cash was stashed in an envelope hidden inside two built-in pillows, according to a report on WCBS in New York.

“There’s a zipper on the bottom. And, he pulls out a plastic bag that’s like a box-shaped. And we like immediately, we’re like it’s either drugs or money. And we like freak out. We like ran and got Cali and open it and it’s a stack of 100’s and 50’s,” said Lara Russo, one of the roommates who found the money.

Roommate Cally Guasti says it felt like they won the lottery. The roommates then wondered what they would do with all that money.

“I wanted to go on a road trip. I wanted to go on an epic road trip around the United States. And that would be awesome,” said Russo.

But, the roommates decided that if they could find the owner and if she was alive, the money would be returned to the rightful owner.

And they were able to find her by a name listed on one of the envelopes in the couch.

“That what I think she said to. She said I feel like my husband this is a gift from my husband. My husband is looking down on me. And he was like part of the reason you guys came here and everything like that, which was just like so touching,” said Guasti.

As a reward, the owner of the money gave the roommates a $ 1,000 dollars.


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