Noah Jacob Harpham: Colorado Springs massacre shooter identified
Noah Jacob Harpham: Colorado Springs massacre shooter identified

Noah Jacob Harpham: Colorado Springs massacre shooter identified (Video)

Noah Jacob Harpham, 33, had no record in Oregon except for speeding ticket in ‘03.

Noah Jacob Harpham posted a blog not long before the shootings took place Saturday morning. The statements on the blog appear to be ramblings about his father’s connection to a church in California. They make no mention that he might be about to go on a killing spree.

Harpham’s blog is titled “Is my Dad in a Cult, and even worse is it Satanic?”

The shooting spree took place in the 200 block of North Prospect. A person on a bicycle, identified as 35-year-old Andrew Alan Myers, was shot to death then two women were shot and killed before the suspect was confronted by police and died.

Autopsies are now being done on the victims.

One victim has been identified by family members as Christy Galella. Another was also identified by family members as Jennifer Vasquez.

A vigil was held for those who died on Sunday night. There, Omar Martinez said Vasquez, his aunt, was one of the victims.

“She would always be there. She would always be there to talk to me, to hug me, to tell me that she loved me,” said Martinez, with tears in his eyes.

Martinez’s father thanked the community for its support at the vigil.

“We can’t understand why and when it’s going to stop,” he said.


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    1. why would the police involved in this be put on leave? they were confronted with a gunman who after shooting people, did not drop his weapon and possibly wanted to die by a cop shooting him. the police acted responsibility.

    2. lemondrop1: Police officers are almost always put on leave after a deadly shooting, especially where they may have been exposed to physiological trauma (being shot at, or killing another person), let alone the scene they had to witness and secure. This is done for the officers mental well being and to allow a proper investigation to be conducted. They are on leave, not suspended or being punished. Police have a very hard job and many do not take having to kill others lightly.

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