Netanyahu 'Chicken' Insult : Boehner, Democrats Blast White House
Netanyahu 'Chicken' Insult : Boehner, Democrats Blast White House

Netanyahu ‘Chicken’ Insult : Boehner, Democrats Blast White House

An unnamed senior Obama administration’s use of a slang term for fowl excrement to describe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, in a foul mood Wednesday.

Boehner Wednesday condemned the Obama administration after it was reported that a senior administration official used the word “chickenshit” to describe Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Ohio Republican issued one of his most critical comments so far about President Obama’s foreign policy. The three-paragraph statement criticized Obama’s commitment to defending America’s alliance with Israel and suggested the president may consider Israel a greater enemy than Iran.

Boehner also called on Obama to denounce the derogatory label, which one of his senior aides used to describe Netanyahu in a magazine article.

Here’s the statement:

“The strength of America’s leadership in the world is predicated on the universality of our values, including freedom, democracy, and economic opportunity, and our unwavering support for our friends and allies. This unwavering support is not mere sentiment, but the bedrock of security alliances and security guarantees that have ensured peace and suppressed the desire for international arms races. For the last six years, this long-standing and bipartisan framework has been tested by an Obama administration that has repeatedly chased after adversaries at the expense of core U.S. national security interests and the security, confidence, and trust of our allies.

“Nowhere is the fundamental failure more apparent than in the disrespectful rhetoric used time and again by this administration with respect to the special relationship the United States has with the state of Israel. The administration has tried to convince Congress and the American people that we should trust the president’s pursuit of a nuclear deal with the government of Iran while refusing to address substantive concerns about the regime’s sponsorship of terrorism and abysmal human rights record. The administration scoffs at the enduring willingness of members of both parties to maintain commitments to our friends and allies, contending that those commitments are mere sentiment, while all the while the administration and the president himself are taken aback that friends and allies won’t support him when he ignores them and, in some cases, belittles them.

“When the president discusses Israel and Iran, it is sometimes hard to tell who he thinks is America’s friend and who he thinks is America’s enemy. The House of Representatives has no trouble drawing that distinction. Over the last several months, I have watched the administration insult ally after ally. I am tired of the administration’s apology tour. The president sets the tone for his administration. He either condones the profanity and disrespect used by the most senior members of his administration, or he does not. It is time for him to get his house in order and tell the people that can’t muster professionalism that it is time to move on.”


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