Motorola to 'transform mobile' on June 9, with MotoMod snap-on modules?
Motorola to 'transform mobile' on June 9, with MotoMod snap-on modules?

Motorola to ‘transform mobile’ on June 9, with MotoMod snap-on modules?

Come 9th of June, Lenovo is expected to unveil new Motorola phones, but could there be more to these phones than being mere upgrades to last year’s flagships?

Last week, Motorola posted a video showing off some Razr clamshell phones in anticipation of the June 9 event. Today, the company shed some light on what its Razr flip phones have to do with all this: on June 9, Moto is planning to “transform mobile, again” – after doing it with the world’s first handheld mobile phone (way back in 1973), and with the hugely popular Razr clamshells that everybody wanted to buy a decade ago.

“Snapping is the new flipping”, says Moto – as you can see for yourself below – pretty much confirming the existence of MotoMods. First seen yesterday, these are optional modules that users will be able to snap on the rear of the upcoming Moto Z and Droid Z handsets in order to add various features (for example, one of the modules is an advanced camera with optical zoom).

A Lenovo-made Project Tango phone is also expected to be announced on June 9, so there’s a lot to look forward to next month. Are you excited about what Moto and Lenovo are about to unveil?


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