Montreal Startup Mighty Cast Unleashes Exclusive Ingress Mod Band
Montreal Startup Mighty Cast Unleashes Exclusive Ingress Mod Band

Montreal Startup Mighty Cast Unleashes Exclusive Ingress Mod Band

A company you’ve probably never heard of, Mighty Cast, has today announced a pair of interesting new wearable devices at CES 2017.

The Nex Evolution doesn’t have a full display, but rather opts for five small tappable buttons called “Mods” that can be customized to do almost anything using the companion app and light up to provide phone notifications. And the second device is being made in partnership with Niantic for Ingress, the sibling of the wildly popular Pokemon Go game.

Through the Nex app, users can quickly use Mods to control music, send messages, interact with games and more. The band also tracks steps, calories and distance, and communicates through notifications with custom light and vibration patterns. Battery life is rated for two to three days of usage and the device features IPX7 water resistance.

The Ingress Mod Band brings in all of the same features of the Nex Evolution and also runs through the Nex app. But as part of the collaboration, the Ingress Mod Band features specific hacks for Ingress, such as Faction Mods for faction or team-specific notifications. Users can also quickly share specific game locations with the Map Mods. More Mods are available and with its hackable design, a world of possibilities awaits.

Availability has yet to be announced, but the Nex Evolution has been revealed to be priced at $79.99.


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