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Mob Kidnaps Accused Rapist from jail, beats him to death
Mob Kidnaps Accused Rapist from jail, beats him to death

Mob Kidnaps Accused Rapist from jail, beats him to death

Accused rapist dragged from prison and killed by Indian mob.

The man was accused of raping a female student multiple times – but had yet to stand trial.

He had reportedly been held at the Dimapur Central Prison in Nagaland since 24 February.

The Hindustan Times newspaper said the crowd “tore down two gates and took custody”.

The suspect was then dragged to Dimapur’s clock tower, where he was stripped, beaten and pelted with stones.

Photographs show the apparently gleeful mob capturing the incident on their phones.

They had reportedly marched four miles to the prison as part of a protest against the high rate of sexual violence in the country.

“The situation is very tense,” said Superintendent Meren Jamir. “We are trying our very best to restore order.”

The suspect, reportedly a 35-year-old car dealer, was also accused of being an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh.

The Indian government recently sparked outrage by banning a British-made documentary about the gang-rape of a student in 2012.

Officials even asked YouTube to block access to the film – but more than 100,000 people have managed to watch it online.


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    1. This is what Needs to HAPPEN in the USA !??? KILL ALL these type of MONSTERS and let the PEOPLE DO IT ? ANY ????

    2. I find this truly a remarkable way of getting rid of their TRASH !!!! These kind of People do not need to live in Society with Women.!

    3. The rape of a young student is horrible, but the vigilante justice perpetrated against that man made me sick. The people involved were laughing and taking pictures of the whole torture and murder. What disgusting, inhumane people. Mob violence at its worst!

    4. ExiledJohnBull

      Sick people filming this, why have laws when ignorance rules! Shame on India for treating Females so badly and then allowing mob murder. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    5. It would seem like the Indian populace is getting sick of the treatment of females and the considerable lack of action by the Federal government…As much as I hate to say this; A few times like this would do more to get these Indian rednecks in line, than anything else. Fear is a great motivator and tends to set the bar.

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