Martin Sheen praises son Charlie Sheen's courage for HIV-positive reveal
Martin Sheen praises son Charlie Sheen's courage for HIV-positive reveal

Martin Sheen praises son Charlie Sheen’s courage for HIV-positive reveal

Martin Sheen has reportedly spoken out in support of his son Charlie Sheen‘s reveal that he has HIV.

Charlie revealed yesterday, in an emotional TV interview with Today’s Matt Lauer, that he contracted the virus around four years ago.

“He had been leading up to this story for several months, and we kept encouraging him to do it,” Martin said at an event in Naples (via Naples Daily News). “And he kept backing away and backing away, because it was like going to his own execution, I guess.

“It was the most difficult thing he’d ever done.”

Martin continued: “When someone comes to themself, they have the moment of clarity and they reveal their secrets – which all of us have – in public. It is a great sense of relief. It is a miraculous occasion.

“I watched him alone reveal his deepest, darkest secret. I couldn’t believe the level of courage I was witnessing, and that it was my son.

“I left him a message, and I said that if I had that much courage, I would change the world. This afternoon, I was still unable to reach him, and I left another message, that my favourite quote from Robert Kennedy was fulfilled with him today.

“Robert Kennedy once said, ‘One heart with courage is a majority’.”

Natalie Kenly – one of Charlie’s former ‘Goddesses’ – also spoke out in support.

“He’s a good man, and I feel very fortunate to have spent the time with him that I did,” she said. “And I’m so sad to hear of his health troubles.”

Charlie is said to be selling two of his mansions. He told Lauer that he paid blackmailers a total of $10 million in order to keep the diagnosis secret.


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