Macron's Dog Busted Peeing on Palace Fireplace (Video)
Macron's Dog Busted Peeing on Palace Fireplace (Video)

Macron’s Dog Busted Peeing on Palace Fireplace (Video)

A recent meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and the country’s ministers turned into a big mishap when Macron’s dog Nemo did something extraordinary that made all the participants laugh to death.

Macron’s talks of inner-city investment were cut short when he realized what the dog did. He tilted his head to the left to find his beloved pet dog urinating on the fireplace. “I wondered what that noise was,” Brune Poirson, the junior minister for ecology, who was talking when the dog was relieving itself, said.

Everyone in the room, including the president as well as the interviewer, cracked up when they noticed what Nemo was up to. “He is doing something quite exceptional,” Macron can be heard saying in French, in the video. When asked by one of the ministers whether it was a common behavior displayed by Nemo, Macron replied with laughter: “No. You have triggered a totally unusual behavior in my dog.”

The black labrador-griffon cross, that the French president has been in possession of since summer this year, has often been pictured alongside the world leader in the presidential garden or inside Macron’s residence. He is the first presidential dog in France to have been adopted from an animal rescue shelter.


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