Lyme disease risk area growing in Manitoba, 11 cases in 2015
Lyme disease risk area growing in Manitoba, 11 cases in 2015

Lyme disease risk area growing in Manitoba, 11 cases in 2015

The province announced Friday the geographic range of blacklegged ticks continues to expand north and west in Manitoba.

The province’s annual blacklegged tick surveillance program has identified a number of new and expanded Lyme disease risk areas, and the risk of tick-borne disease transmission is greater in these areas.

The province recommends minimizing exposure by using tick repellant, inspecting yourself or kids after spending time outdoors, removing ticks as soon as possible, staying on walking trails and wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts.

Keeping grass and shrubs around your house trimmed can also help, officials said.

Symptoms of Lyme disease can start anywhere from three days to one month after a bite. They usually start with an expanding rash that then fades. Symptoms can include headache, a stiff neck, muscle aches or fatigue, fever, chills and swollen lymph nodes.

So far, there have been 11 confirmed and probable cases of Lyme disease in Manitoba this year.


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    1. SAVE THE TICKS! DON”T HARM THEM! Just keep reporting the increased #’s of HUMAN VICTIMS… Sadly the shrinks have got it right….It’s called denial first…..well it better not be for long….Canada and Utah just recently have had lots of articles with Tick #’s and they down played the true Epidemic we have…even more truthful a Pandemic…..This is very sad denial…….it has and will continue to KILL and have MILLIONS suffer.

      Due to the what I call denial math…..lets look at something… in NY on a small road you can get easy 100 ticks on the sheet drag…….ok….now times X’s that by the amount of eggs EACH tick lays(3k-30k) OUCH! for sure we are above the 300,000 number!… Yes, that number is familar, it’s the new CDC fell on their face(they in past where corruptly holdin’ the numbers back?)….CDC today claims that 300,000 People WILL fall Victim to this awful Lyme+Co-infections EACH YEAR!!!! in “all” states…….This is still an OUCH big time but did you catch on? Did you catch that one road in NY comes to or past the state wide number…big OUCH! What is CDC doing???!!!! NOTHING! Are they doing my simple TickRid program? No, they decided years ago…it wouldn’t kill enough ticks……what!? Hey it may not be “perfect” but heck it’s a start….so I guess we just let the numbers of Victims grow….you know Humans, our children, our pets, sexual transmition of it, in our blood and organ supply…..yeah…just hope that everyone can see that sneaky tiny tiny little tick smaller than this period in this line………… Come on really? Like Congressman Chris Gibson said “IN a NATION as great as OURS” we can’t deal with this?(or something to that effect)

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