Lunch angel pays delinquent lunch accounts
Lunch angel pays delinquent lunch accounts

Lunch angel pays delinquent lunch accounts (Video)

Texas– He’s being called a school lunch angel; a school mentor and tutor steps forward so dozens of kids can still have a hot school lunch.

According to KPRC, Kenny Thompson used almost $500 of his own money to zero out the delinquent accounts of more than 60 children at Houston’s Valley Oaks Elementary School.

“I’m like, ‘Wow. I know that’s probably a situation at my school, and the school my son goes to, and the other schools I mentor at.’ So I came in and inquired about it,” Thompson said.

He not only inquired about it, Thompson learned that many of the kids were already on reduced lunch. Children whose parents couldn’t afford the meals that cost just 40 cents a day. He took $465 of his own money and zeroed out the delinquent accounts of more than 60 kids.

“These are elementary school kids. They don’t need to be worried about finances,” said Thompson. “They need to be worried about what grade they got in spelling.”

Thompson says many kids he knows with negative accounts forgo the lunch line altogether to avoid embarrassment. But that’s bad for education as physicians have linked classroom performance with proper nutrition.

Thompson believes he made a difference when he made the decision to help those students.

“When I left the building knowing that they were getting fed, they didn’t have that stress,” said Thompson. “The best money I ever spent.”


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    1. That was such an awesome thing this person did for these kids. It is a shame that a school would let a child go hungry. At the end of the day left over food is thrown away or carted home FOR FREE by the staff. How can this be right to keep food from a child? if a parent did this at home charges of neglect would be filed. Why is school any different? The child is in their care and they are to provide for them. period.

    2. I agree, if I were aware of the situation, I would had paid for their lunches also. No excuse for the school to deny them a lunch, especially if they are to throw IT WAY ANY WAY. Really a stupid move by the school administrators.

    3. Edward A. Taylor, Sr

      Way to go Sandy,my friend !!!

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