Kimberly Guilfoyle Tells Women Not to Vote
Kimberly Guilfoyle Tells Women Not to Vote

Kimberly Guilfoyle Tells Women Not to Vote (Video)

They’re too hot to vote.

Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle believes that young, attractive women should be excused from voting so they could devote their time to online dating.

Greg Gutfield began the discussion saying women are sucked into this “sexist joke” to vote more liberally because they are falsely convinced they need the government to take care of them.

“Married women tend to be more conservative, but that also correlates with age. And with age comes wisdom and it’s a known fact that the older you get the more conservative you get and I always tell young people you don’t have to wait to become a conservative. Don’t waste your time. But the point is a lot of women have caught on to the big joke which it seems to be even more sexist to assume that women cannot take care of themselves because they’re women and therefore need the government to take care of them.”

Guifloyle agreed and posited that young women shouldn’t be forced to be concerned about those things but should be “excused” to go on dating and hook-up websites.

“It’s the same reason why young women on juries are not a good idea. They don’t get it! They’re not in that same life experience of paying the bills, doing the mortgage, kids, community, crime, education, healthcare.” said Guilfoyle. “I didn’t say they shouldn’t be. I just think we should excuse them so they can go back on Tinder or”


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