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KFC little Girl – a Hoax? – Report
Girl getting tossed from KFC a hoax, Report

KFC little Girl – a Hoax? – Report

JACKSON, Miss. – It was the story that captured the attention of millions: a little girl injured in a dog attack was asked to leave a KFC after customers complained about looking at her injuries while they ate. Or at least that was the original story. Now there’s a report that says it was a hoax.

Her grandmother’s claim that she was told to leave a KFC in Jackson because of her appearance made international headlines and sparked public outcry. It also resulted in at least $135,000 in cash, as well as gifts and free surgeries, according to the Lauren Leader-Call.

Sources told the newspaper the whole thing was cooked up as an elaborate publicity stunt to raise money.

Security footage does not show Victoria or her grandmother at the KFC in question the day the incident reportedly occurred. No one placed their order of sweet tea and mashed potatoes that day either, according to the Leader-Call.

An attorney for the girl’s family declined to comment.

KFC officials said they will honor their donation to the family even if the incident is proven as a hoax.


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