Journalists, Teachers Drink Most Coffee, New Study
Journalists, Teachers Drink Most Coffee, New Study

Journalists, Teachers Drink Most Coffee, New Study

A lot of people out there are big coffee drinkers, including many of us here at Canada journal. Turns out, we’re not alone in the journalism world. A new study says journalists drink the most coffee out of any profession.

According to PR company Pressat, which conducted the survey, 85 percent of professionals spoken to said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day–well ahead of the recommended 200 milligrams. Workers in higher stress jobs (those mentioned above, as well as teachers) drank the most, while retail staff and professional drivers rounded out the bottom of the list.

“It seems that drinking coffee is a necessity on the job in a wide variety of professions,” Pressat wrote. “Could it be that being overstretched or working late pushed the workforce to consume more caffeine?”

Meanwhile, 70 percent of those surveyed said they believed their job performance would be affected if they cut coffee out of their daily routine. Men also drank more coffee than women, but only by five percent.

Here’s the full list of which professions drink the most coffee:

1. Journalists and media staff

2. Police officers

3. Teachers

4. Plumbers and trade workers

5. Nurses and medical staff

6. Company executives

7. Telesales

8. IT technical support

9. Retail staff

10. Drivers


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