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Johnny Depp: A chupacabra ‘attacked’ me (Video)
Johnny Depp: A chupacabra 'attacked' me (Video)

Johnny Depp: A chupacabra ‘attacked’ me (Video)

TOKYO – Johnny Depp has recovered from a cold. And a chupacabra attack.

Depp joked how he has now managed to brush off the attack which he said went on for hours.

“I was attacked yesterday morning by a very rarely seen or experienced animal called chupacabra,” he said wryly.

“I fought with it for hours. They’re very persistent, very mean.

“And I’m pretty sure it came into my suitcase. I threw him off the 23rd floor. So we’ll never see him again.

“Thank you for understanding.”

The chupacabra is a legendary cryptid rumoured to inhabit parts of the Americas, with the first sightings reported in Puerto Rico.

The name comes from the animal’s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

More than 250 journalists had waited for over an hour to see the star before organisers cancelled Tuesday’s event because he was unwell with a cold.


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