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Jodi Parrack’s mom speaks out
Jodi Parrack's mom speaks out

Jodi Parrack’s mom speaks out

Jodi Parrack’s mother, Valerie “Jo” Gilson, spoke out Tuesday during a news conference following the arrest of Raymond McCann.

McCann, a former Constantine reserve police officer, was charged with perjury after investigators say he lied about several things regarding the case and his actions the day of Jodi’s murder. McCann hasn’t been charged with murder but investigators claim he knows something.

Gilson says most of the McCann family is like family to them and now they are both hoping for answers following his arrest.

“I’ve been waiting for almost 7 years,” she said Tuesday.

Hearing about the rest of 46-year-old family friend Raymond McCann hasn’t made it any better.

“To me, it’s like until I know, you have a sore and you just keep ripping the band-aid off,” Gilson said. “Be done.”

Despite the charges, Gilson remains friends with the McCann family.

“Just because he did something wrong doesn’t mean the whole family is wrong too,” she said.

Raymond’s sister-in-law Julie McCann says it’s hard to imagine her family member could be involved in Parrack’s murder.

“I’ve been married to his brother for 20 years, and not in a million years did I ever expect anything like that out of him,” she said.

Gilson says there isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t think about her little girl.

“Fishing, swimming, she was a tomboy dressed as a princess; she was just a good girl,” she said.

Right now, both families just want answers.

“I don’t care who did it; they need to be put away and pay for what they’ve done,” Julie said.

Julie McCann says she’s always suspected Raymond knew more than he was telling police, but she says she’s not sure if he’s responsible for Parrack’s murder.


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