joan rivers 700 surgeries
joan rivers 700 surgeries

Joan Rivers: I haven’t had 700 plastic surgeries

Joan Rivers isn’t shy about talking about her many trips to the plastic surgeon.
But 700 procedures? Oh please.

After the 78-year-old comedian and E! Fashion Police host joked on Anderson Cooper’s talk show that she’d had over 700 cosmetic procedures, she assured him she was only pulling his leg.

She is a popular actress, who comes in front of the media with changed look’s every year. Joan Rivers plastic surgery is related to dozens of chemical peeling, Botox injections, nose jobs, liposuctions, brow lift, tummy tucks, breast implants etc. It is ridiculous as she has given herself the treatment of all kinds of surgeries. She has become an encyclopedia for the students of plastic surgery. They can check the results of various surgeries on her body and figure. The more amazing point about her surgeries is that she do not hesitate to speak about uncountable surgeries. In fact, she feels happy and pleases when someone gives her importance and talks about her looks.

It is admitted by the famous comedian of Hollywood Joan Rivers that she has undergone several plastic surgeries. Her breast size is increased due to implantation. Her nose has narrow shaped, wrinkles are vanished, face is lifted and lips are injected etc. She is the lady who has changed all the visible parts of her body. Joan Rivers plastic surgery shows her fondness to be the part of people’s gossip. She likes to be the hot topic for media reporters and her fans.

The specialty of Joan Rivers plastic surgery is due to her countless medical treatments. There is nothing under the sun that she has not experienced. She has changed her body from her top to toe. For this purpose she must have spent a large amount of money. The best thing about her plastic surgery is her good looking and charming face. Though she has experienced the surgeon’s knife for 700 times but we can’t say that her face has become freaky. Moreover, she speaks the truth confidently and likes to be discussed by others. She is the comedian and enjoys every part of her life with great courage. The excessive use of plastic surgery, Botox injections, fillers, face lift, liposuctions, breast augmentations, buttock augmentation and neck surgery and nose jobs have brought valuable changes.

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