Jennifer Fichter : Teacher gets 22 years for student sex
Jennifer Fichter : Teacher gets 22 years for student sex

Jennifer Fichter : Florida Teacher gets 22 years for student sex “Video”

Jennifer Fichter, a 30-year-old former Florida teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with teenage students was sentenced Thursday to 22 years in prison.

Jennifer Fichter, a former English teacher at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, was arrested on allegations she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student at the academy. Investigators said she also admitted to having sex with two other teen at the school.

Before the judge handed down the sentence, he told Ficther that even though the victims were willing participants their age doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a crime.

With a face full of tears, Fichter wanted everyone to know she’s sorry.

“I hate what I have done to y’all,” Fichter said in court on Thursday. “What y’all have gone through because of my actions … I wish that I could take it back. But I can’t, and my words won’t suffice.”

In court, prosecutors highlighted the three cases from the Lakeland school and another incident from an Orlando school where Fichter preyed on a teenager at another school.

The case first came to light when one of the teen’s mother noticed her son’s behavior change. In that case Fichter admitted to getting pregnant by that teenager and getting an abortion.

That teen’s mother spoke in court about how her son and her family are still negatively affected by the inappropriate relationship.

Jennifer Fichter is also facing three charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor in Hillsborough County because she allegedly committed some of these crimes near the county line of Polk and Hillsborough.


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    1. concernedforkids

      Tho us freaking Florida overkill
      give me a break. This ISNT rape. This is parents who just want to sue the school system. We have real live child rapist ad molesters out there. Here we are giving a concensual relationship the same amount of merit as a child rapist. I dont know this lady, I dont know the boys. But I know this 22 year sentence is not justice. O want to ser room in the jails for all the real predators, chid molestors, and child killers. It’s real a shame that someone who kills their own child receives a sentence of only five years.which do u think deserves 22 years? As for me , the parent that killed their baby boy. I hope she appeals this, and that parents will be parents and train their children ip right, and watch what they r doing, and where they are going instead of blaming others when things like this happens.

    2. The woman did no harm what ever to these consenting boys , who are probably having sex with other girls at the school. The sentence is outrageous. She should be fired and let go. ..not have her life destroyed .

      • Dail F. Melton

        Mr. Haywood, with all the recent cases of ‘teachers n’ sex with students,’ and knowing that ‘sex is a natural function of the human, much less the animal world’s body’; ….I have to agree with you.
        You know, I was told that as late as the sixties, a 12 year old girl could get married in Chicago.
        I really think the laws should be changed.
        1. Revoke their teaching license.
        2. Fire them.
        3. Give them a Misdemeanor for failing to follow public truss with public’s children.
        Let it go at that.
        In the seventies, I knew of a physical ed teacher who married one of the students in our class.
        Recently, another teacher married a student after getting a divorce and she turned 18.
        Tying up our prisons with people who are dealing with their sex drives, though admitting, inappropriately, is ridiculous.

    3. Some murdering cop like Darren Wilson gets off scott free for wantonly killing a young black teen with the help of a corrupt prosecutor and this young school teacher gets 22 years for loving three teenage boys. Disgusting.

      • A mixed race jury unanimously made the decision in the Wilson case, the prosecutor just presented the evidence. But, you’re right about this one… 22 years is ridiculous, some murderers don’t get that kind of time. However, I doubt what she was doing was “loving” these boys

      • Wasn’t Darren Wilson the Officer that was attacked by a 300 pound Black Criminal Thug in Ferguson?

      • Seriously Mark Haygood?
        Federal prosecutors, a grand jury, over 40 witnesses, civil rights prosecutors all debunked the myth that this thug was wantonly killed as you so falsely write.
        Go fans the flame of lies somewhere else and God help you when some criminal comes after you and you call police for help.

    4. When is the last time we heard of a man/male teacher having sex with a student(s) and getting sentenced to 22 years in prison??? This is complete insanity. As others posted how many crimes come with a sentence like this that don’t involve kidnapping, murder, torture? I’m not condoning what she did but cmon it’s not like these were boys in kindergarten or even close to that. I’m appalled by how our justice system treats women, girls, children. As the person above me said…disgusting.

    5. Joe the Polack

      If it were a male teacher having sex with a female student you people wouldn’t be complaining about the sentence.

    6. Ridiculous ! You can turn a 15 year old to be tried as an adult in some cases, but you can’t turn these 17 consenting boys into adults for the trial. 22 years is way too much. Lose your job and everybody get over it.

    7. Wow, this Woman is Way Overcharged, and received a Punishment that doesn’t fit the Crime.

    8. 22 years!Are you kidding me.What a waste.This woman made bad choices no doubt about it but come on.I am quite sure these so called inncent boys are having sex with other girls too.Their mother and the judge need to get real.

    9. Melinda Johnson

      All these comments are defending her, yet if a male teacher did this, there would be cries to castrate him. Yay double standards!!!

    10. It is overkill. If a 17 yr. old boy commits a crime , he would be tried as an adult. Just think about it, it’s just not fair. Years ago as soon as boys entered manhood, about 15 yrs old, they would start raising a family. We are making our kids stay kids rather than making them grow up.

    11. I know a guy who had sex with a 13 yr old girl, he was 11 years old at the time.

    12. Not right I was doing it with teachers at 15. Kid’s can’t keep quite anymore.

    13. This is crazy,kids are having sex with each other at 13/14. majority of 17 yr. olds have had multiple sex partners.She could have shot them or maimed them and got less time

    14. George costanza

      Damn wish I had been one of the boys! Totally hot teacher. Punishment is overkill though. Hopefully she only does a few years and gets out early. I’d date her in a heartbeat

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