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Jennifer Aniston : “Stop Talking About My Age!”
Jennifer Aniston : "Stop Talking About My Age!"

Jennifer Aniston : “Stop Talking About My Age!”

Jennifer Aniston is opening up about aging in a new interview, particularly women aging. The former Friends star, who will be seen in the upcoming Horrible Bosses 2, said men’s ages aren’t always mentioned like women’s are.

“Your age always has to be mentioned and men don’t really get that for some reason,” she tells WWD. “It’s not like you see Joe Schmo, 37.”

She continues, “Women and men today in their 40s are so much healthier than they were 30 years ago in their 40s. It was a different time. We know how to take care ourselves.”

“We know what to put in our bodies to fuel us that’s healthy and organic and not processed, and the importance of drinking water and cutting out sugars and bad fats,” explains Aniston. “Before, we just didn’t know that, and we didn’t have the technology with skin care that we have today.”

The actress recently provided a voiceover for a new short film about Aveeno skin-care products, a gig she enjoyed.

“It was an easy day,” says Aniston. “No makeup, no hair. I rolled up and learned some stuff about oats.”

She adds, “But it is interesting how you have to hit certain inflections and hit certain words. It is very specific. There is also a time issue where you have to speed up.”


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    1. Age is just numbers. I always feel I am much more younger than my DOB. I feel I am 25 years old now, and scientists says you are what you think. So I am 25 years old! Very happy.

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