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Hub group: Baby seat with iPad holder stirs controversy
Baby seat with iPad holder stirs controversy

Hub group: Baby seat with iPad holder stirs controversy

The baby bouncy seat, called the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad, is designed so that parents can attach an iPad and let their children watch videos meant for their age group. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) disagrees with sitting children in front of screens at such a young age and believes that Fisher Price should recall the product. According to the CCFC, parents should be playing with their children more, instead of letting screens babysit them, reports ABC News.

“Of course it’s parental choice but how very sad that we have so little time to interact with our tamariki that we need an iPad babysitter. Watch out for a bunch of overstimulated babies. Sad sad sad,” said Shiela Russell.

Likewise, Jenna Marshall asked: “Why have a baby if you’re not going to enjoy the early years as a parent?”

“You should cherish those days because you will never get them back. Just sad to think people will buy this for their baby.”

Jess Story agreed, calling parents who would buy the product “lazy”.

“Play, talk and cuddle your baby’s instead of plonking a screen in front of their faces, especially at such a young age. Plenty of time to be glued to technology when they grow up surrounded by it.”

But many others felt putting a baby in front of an iPad was no different to a television, and may help with learning.

“I don’t see a problem with it,” said Daniel Joseph Michael McCarthy.

“If the baby is able to use it then it might encourage early brain activity that gives them a headstart in life.”

People who felt negatively about the idea should “get out of the dark ages”, he said.

Similarly, Rebecca Battersby said sometimes it was necessary to keep baby entertained.

“People place their child in front of a television; there’s no difference with this as a form of entertainment while a mum gets chores done.”

And Caitlin Blacktopp tried to put things in perspective: “I dunno. Its just an iPad holder, not like they come with a P pipe.”

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