For Honor Trailer: The Faction War Metagame (Watch)
For Honor Trailer: The Faction War Metagame (Watch)

For Honor Trailer: The Faction War Metagame (Watch)

The latest For Honor video gives us a look at the Faction War, the metagame layer that connects the battles fought by players in the game.

Once you choose a faction in-game, your progress will be logged, and every victory you enjoy or defeat you suffer will be counted towards a global faction. As you rack up victories, your faction will slowly grab more territory in the metagame’s in-game world. This means that if you and all the other Knights, say, do pretty poorly in the game, you’ll see the Samurai and the Vikings dominate.

The meta-game is persistent and is tracked across all three platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The metagame will be split into seasons, and when each season ends one faction will be declared the winner – if you’re attached to the winning faction when the season comes to a close, you’ll receive rewards for your efforts… making the whole endeavour pretty worthwhile in the long run.

You can still opt in to register for a code via the game’s official website, but Ubisoft has also launched a new interactive website called SCARS that takes you on a virtual tour of the game’s classes – if you complete the website experience here you’ll be gifted with a code to the beta. Be warned that there are a limited number of codes to be given out via the site, and it also has some issues running on certain browsers.

The For Honor beta runs January 26-29 on all platforms.


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