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High BMI increases stillbirth risk
High BMI increases stillbirth risk

High BMI increases stillbirth risk

Researchers in London have found that a higher body mass index could increase a pregnant woman’s risk of stillbirth and infant death.

They found this to be true with even modest weight increases.

According to researchers, being overweight or obese increases the risk of several conditions, like type-2 diabetes, that are strongly linked to the risk of fetal and infant death.

The research team performed a meta-analysis of 38 studies that included 10,147 foetal deaths, more than 16,274 stillbirths, more than 4,311 perinatal deaths, 11,294 neonatal deaths and 4,983 infant deaths.

Using this information, scientists were able to demonstrate that even a modest increase in a maternal BMI is associated with an increased risk of the child dying before or after birth.

The greatest association was found in morbidly obese women, whose children were almost three times more likely to die compared to those with a healthy BMI.

According to the authors, biological mechanisms could explain the link, but they still suggest women who are or pregnant, or are hoping to conceive, follow weight management guidelines to reduce the risk.


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