Health Canada approves non-browning Arctic apples, Report
Health Canada approves non-browning Arctic apples, Report

Health Canada approves non-browning Arctic apples, Report

Health Canada approved the Arctic Golden and Arctic Granny, grown by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Summerland. The decision was made after Health Canada found the non-browning apples safe for consumption.

The announcement was made on the Health Canada website five weeks after deregulation was granted in the United States by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The apples contain a gene that results in a reduction in the levels of enzymes that make apples turn brown when bitten, cut, or bruised. “In every other way, the Arctic apple tree and its fruit are identical to any other apple,” the Canadian agency said.

In 2011, Health Canada received a “submission” to allow the sale of the non-browning, genetically modified apple from Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Summerland, British Columbia. The agency conducted a health assessment based on Canadian Guidelines for Safety Assessment of Novel Foods.

It concluded that changes to the apples did not pose a greater risk to human health than apples currently available, that they had no impact on allergies, and that there was no difference in nutritional value.

Also announced on Friday, March 20, the FDA issued a statement saying the two varieties are safe for human consumption.


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    1. What do you expect from similar monkeys who accepted, supported, and approved Thallidamide, and VIOX, DDT and the rest of so called “safe” to be sold in Canada. First I gotta be aware, now I am so I will ask my grocer where the apples are from and are the GM, and second, don’t buy them. IF we don’t buy apples for 10 days, it would bring the industry to its knees and force them to sell us good items. OR, we can grown our own and do things locally which is what I do.

    2. Why doesn’t Canada require GMO labelling? I think that’s totally wrong! Deceitful on the part of the producers too, to not step up & give people the opportunity to make informed choices.

    3. Health Canada seems only a cover-up name for some organization in cahoots with whoever pays the most to get their “label”.

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