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Half brothers die jogging in Park Days Apart
Half brothers die jogging in Park Days Apart

Half brothers die jogging in Park Days Apart

The brother of a man who died after collapsing during a run in a New York City park has died days later, also while jogging.

The Daily News says 60-year-old Peter Berry collapsed and died while running in Central Park on Sunday.

His half-brother, 68-year-old Rynn Berry, went into cardiac arrest during a New Year’s Eve run in Prospect Park. He died 10 days later on Jan. 9.

“It’s been a shock for the family,” said Charles Berry, the last surviving brother. “It’s been terrible. It’s still hard to believe.”

Charles identified his comatose half-brother Rynn in a Brooklyn hospital several days after the collapse. Rynn Berry was carrying no identification when he was found unconscious in Brooklyn.

The brothers were both athletic, health-conscious men who had competed in the New York Marathon, according to family and friends.

“It’s sort of a tragic coincidence,” said Martin Rowe, 48, a friend of Ryan. “Two men who in some form or another took care of themselves … Yet this happened.”

Peter Berry was a graduate of Yale College and the Boston University law school before launching a career in tax and corporate trust law.

The erudite Berry was an avid bicyclist, accomplished squash player and a faithful practitioner of yoga, according to his obituary.

“Peter was in very good shape,” said brother Charles. “He was incredible with his yoga — very limber.”
A memorial service was set for this coming Monday at St. James Church on Madison Ave. and 71st St.

His older half-brother, a well-known vegetarian author, went unidentified for days after he was found unconscious inside Prospect Park on the last day of 2013.

Rynn Berry was carrying only keys and an asthma inhaler, and was listed as a “John Doe.”.

A Brooklyn neighbor of Rynn Berry saw a widely-circulated picture of the unconscious man in his hospital bed, and notified police.

Rynn Berry, who went out for the jog without any identification, was eventually identified by his half-brother Charles at New York Methodist Hospital.

He died on Jan. 9, with family and friends at his bedside.


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