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Greg and Nicole Biffle Share Passion For Pets In Crisis (Photo)
Greg and Nicole Biffle Share Passion For Pets In Crisis

Greg and Nicole Biffle Share Passion For Pets In Crisis (Photo)

Greg and Nicole Biffle have more than racing in common as a NASCAR couple. They are also passionate about pets, especially pets in crisis or those in danger of being euthanized because of abuse or neglect.

“I don’t think the general public really understands what a crisis our country is in with animal overpopulation and euthanization,” Nicole Biffle said. “When you give people the numbers they look at you like you’re crazy because they don’t get how bad it really is.”

Because of their passion to save pets, particularly those that are no longer wanted, the Biffles are raising funds to assist these animals in need, as well as those humans who are helping them.

This race weekend at Bristol, both Greg and Nicole Biffle will be releasing their 2011 NASCAR Pets Calendar, with all of the proceeds going to the Greg Biffle Foundation to improve the well-being of animals.

“We’ve done the calendar since 2005,” Nicole Biffle said. “It was kind of an idea I had just watching the news and seeing how many things were going on with pets in this area. “

Biffle pitched the calendar idea to her husband, with her initial vision being to have rough copies to sell amongst their fellow racing families to hang in their haulers or motor homes.

“We got lucky enough with the NASCAR Foundation,” Biffle said. “They hooked us up and we started producing these calendars.”

The Pets Calendar traditionally focuses on NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers and their families, including their animals.

“We tried to do it in casual settings, like at their houses or in their motor homes, like a family portrait,” Biffle said. “The fans can see what their life is like outside the race track with their kids and their pets.”

For the upcoming year, the 2011 NASCAR Pets Calendar will feature 11 Sprint Cup drivers with their pets, as well as featuring the three Miss Sprint Cups and their favorite animals.

“A couple years ago, we added media,” Biffle said. “This year we did the three Sprint Cup ladies and their pets. I’m hoping that will boost sales. You know, I think all the guys think those Sprint Cup ladies are pretty cute. If it sells well, maybe we’ll have to do a Sprint Cup girls and pets calendar all on their own.”

Biffle also credits 3M, her husband’s primary sponsor, for helping to take the calendar to the next level.

“Last year was the first year that 3M helped us do the whole thing,” Biffle said. “We’re really lucky to have a sponsor that cares about what we’re doing. It means a lot to us.”


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