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Girl, 12 year old, gets obesity surgery
12-year-old gets gastric bypass surgery

Girl, 12 year old, gets obesity surgery

A Texas girl is recovering from surgery for a medical condition that made her rapidly gain weight.

People around the world were able to follow the operation as it happened.

12-year-old Alexis Shapiro is having a rough go at life, and Cincinnati children’s Hospital is working to set it right.

“It’s like as if she feels like she’s starving to death, and if she can’t find food she will die and that’s how she feels constantly. This has been ever since she woke up from surgery,” Alexis’ mother, Jennifer Shapiro, said in an interview with Children’s Hospital.

Alexis and her parents traveled from Texas for Friday’s surgery, but it didn’t go as planned.

Alexis was scheduled to undergo gastric bypass surgery Friday, but doctors discovered her liver was abnormally large, so they were only able to take out about 80 percent of her stomach.

“It’s just so warm and comforting to know that nobody’s judging her, and they’re rooting for her and they want her to succeed,” Jennifer Shapiro said.

Alexis’ story gained national attention after her parents’ insurance company initially denied their request for her surgery.

Alexis also developed diabetes, liver disease and breathing problems.

Doctors and Alexis’ family now have to wait to see if the surgery will be successful. She may still be a candidate for the full bypass surgery in a few years.


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