Florida Man Finds Rat Head In His Golden Corral Chili
Florida Man Finds Rat Head In His Golden Corral Chili

Florida Man Finds Rat Head In His Golden Corral Chili

A Florida man had to be hospitalized after he says he found a rodent’s head, most likely a rat, inside a bowl of chili he was eating at Golden Corral, according to WFTX.

“It’s usually pretty great,” Wilson says. “The first bite I took out of it was a crunch and at the time I was like ‘Maybe, you know, sometimes you get a hard bean inside of chili.’ ”

Wilson took a bite of the food and spit out the rodent, which he describes as having curly ears and a snaggle tooth.

“When I seen it, I just went into the bathroom and threw up. I was like, ‘Ugh.’ I just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth,” Wilson says. “It was just nasty.”

Unsure of what to do next, Wilson says his friends called the waitress, who then called a manager.

“He inspected and was like, ‘Wow that is a rat.’ So he took pictures of it, moved it around a little bit, took pictures in different angles. He was like me, he was horrified,” Wilson says.

The restaurant comped his party’s meal but the next day he felt queasy and went to the emergency room at Cape Coral Hospital. He says he mentioned the rat incident in the emergency room and the staff was horrified.

Discharge documents show Wilson was treated for gastroenteritis and prescribed medications for nausea and muscle spasms. To people, who think he planted the rat, Wilson says, “I would never do that. They have cameras in there and everything. I’m scared of rats.”

In a statement, the restaurant says it’s looking into the matter and has been unable to confirm the alleged incident. The restaurant says it’s committed to delivering a high-quality food and guest experience in a clean and safe environment, but Wilson’s attorney isn’t buying it.

“Normally you get cases like this, people take food somewhere else, open it up and something happens. This happened right in the restaurant, where there’s no question what happened. The manager is right there,” Ray Racila, Wilson’s attorney, says.

Wilson’s been left to wonder what else was in his chili before he ate the head.

“Whose to say that first bite wasn’t his foot?” he asked.


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