Florida lawyer Linda Hadad Disbarred Over Sex With Inmates, Drug Use
Florida lawyer Linda Hadad Disbarred Over Sex With Inmates, Drug Use

Florida lawyer Linda Hadad Disbarred Over Sex With Inmates, Drug Use

Florida lawyer Linda Hadad was arrested for a DUI in 2010. Things only snowballed from there. The former public defender was recently disbarred for allegedly using pretty much every drug under the sun, and reportedly getting intimate with two inmates.

Florida Bar records show Linda Hadad admitted to using cocaine, crack ecstasy, pot, crystal meth and acid, as well as Xanax, Adderall, oxycodone and Lortab, without valid prescriptions.

She admitted she used her credit card to rent a vehicle for a man who repaid her with prescription pills and crack.

Records also said Hadad admitted to mixing business with pleasure at the jail by using her attorney access to have personal visits with two inmates, Steven Sullivan and Brandon Carson.

According to records, during a phone call, Carson talked about kissing her during their next visit, and when Hadad was asked about it, she answered, “He did kiss me one time.”

Records show during one call, Hadad told Carson, “I can’t wait to touch your (expletive). We will have to get my sex toy, too.”

And they show she told Sullivan during a call, “I miss phone sex.”

The records went on to describe sexually graphic conversations between Hadad and Sullivan.

After Hadad was questioned at length by the Florida Bar last year, she was arrested four times for driving without a license and fleeing from police.


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    1. Peter P Zember

      some of the risks of educational, lawyers, barristers, solicitors, attorneys.
      There is no anti prison insurance.
      Some of us refrain from hanging around drug users anyway.
      Some legal people need monies to pay loans, debts, educational fees.
      They end representing the clients they view as say victims of society, poverty.
      They realize they errred yet try to protect people from there ways without accusing and having a anti love approach.
      May have been on the telling lists, abroad or nationally.
      Perhaps she felt she had to leave the legal force for a self improvement beach with less motoprcycles.
      Perhaps in functions she did not like drugs but did so to apppear a non lawyer?
      Likely she regretted doing drugs due to the after affect, ung overs status.?
      She liked driving lawfully and hung around people including foreign bus drivers, cab drivers, truck drivers,
      pothead dishwashers too?
      She likely realized medicial drugs aside from others were part of culture.
      Learned of some Egyptology from synagogues churches the web and the workplace, life corses?.
      Always wanted to be an example to others due to Isreal , God, Jah- hovah and cultural things.?
      Realized others helped keep her freed from sins of the world.
      Did not undersatnd the invisible realm and the enemies great deceptions?

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