Federal Medical tell pot shops to stop or face the RCMP
Federal Medical tell pot shops to stop or face the RCMP

Federal Medical tell pot shops to stop or face the RCMP

Thirteen pot shops in British Columbia, including at least one in Victoria, have been threatened with police raids in a Health Canada crackdown.

The federal agency says it’s sent letters to a total of 13 compassion clubs and dispensaries ordering them to stop selling or advertising the drug.

Kerry Jang says the city will continue to implement its newly developed regulations as usual.

“The reality is, no matter how many shops are here, regardless of what the federal government does, if there is even just one shop left it’s going to follow our guidelines, so it’s business as usual.”

The B.C. Compassion Club Society says it got the letter.

The club provides legally approved medical marijuana to more than nine-thousand members and says it’s sent a letter back to Health Canada demanding to know why it’s been targeted.


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    1. Why is Health CANADA not going after BIG tobacco?What a waste of money and time,Tax it and control it like booze. Another tax grab.

    2. Yet another example of power hungry bureaucrats sticking their fingers where they don’t bloody well belong. Alcohol, tobacco, countless fraudulent “health suppliments”, energy drinks, chemically laden fast food, junk food…. all these are “just fine” but god help those who smoke a little pot now and then.

      I don’t use any of that stuff myself, my job has a random drug testing program in place, but still I say “Health Canada” should butt out.

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