Father Writes Hilarious Common Core Check to Child's School
Father Writes Hilarious Common Core Check to Child's School

Father Writes Hilarious Common Core Check to Child’s School “Photo”

A fed-up Painesville, Ohio, father showed his frustration over his child’s fourth-grade Common Core math curriculum by writing a check that no bank could possibly cash.

According to BuzzFeed, Douglas Herrmann wrote a check using the Common Core approach to show “his kid’s school how far removed from real-life application he feels Common Core is.”

Herrmann challenged officials from the school to take the check to the bank — noting people old enough to work at a bank would struggle with the method, an Inquisitr report indicated.

“The recipient would probably have had to explain the Common Core math style to interpret the numerical values and solve the equation to come up with the amount of the check,” the article read. “Since many adults aren’t exactly familiar with the ‘simply complex’ math style, there’s a real chance the explanation would have probaby been a bit confusing.”

Yahoo News reported that trying to help his child understand the Common Core math homework spurred Herrmann’s frustration, so he took to Facebook.

But Herrmann isn’t the only one. BuzzFeed’s piece states other parents have utilized social media to sound off on what they view as a need for “simplification.”

According to Yahoo News, one in three parents admit their kids’ homework confuses them, and nearly half of U.S. parents oppose Common Core.

Those statistics hint at why parents made the check an Internet success, Yahoo News’ piece read.

“Parents are frustrated, and aside from opting their kids out of the Common Core tests, there’s little they can do,” according to the report. “Common Core is — at least for now — the law of the land, and parents are stuck trying to make sense of senseless worksheets that leave them feeling frustrated and helpless.”


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    1. Wonderful. It is about time we teach children using Achem’s Razor techniques. The simplest procedure is the correct way to find the answer. I am a college graduate, senior engineer, and for the life of me I could never calculate a math solution using a “common core” method.

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