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Extreme Vegan Mother Accused of Feeding Baby Only Fruits, Nuts
Extreme Vegan Mother Accused of Feeding Baby Only Fruits, Nuts

Extreme Vegan Mother Accused of Feeding Baby Only Fruits, Nuts

A mother in Fayette County is facing charges for allegedly starving her 11-month-old son.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the child’s father alerted authorities that his estranged wife was “obsessed” with following a strict diet, and only fed the child fruit and nuts.

Elizabeth Hawk, 33, assured family that the child just had “allergies” and that there was nothing to worry about. But her estranged husband didn’t believe her and brought the boy to child services, and he ended up being rushed to the hospital.

If he hadn’t done that, the boy might have died. Doctors there said it was “inhumane” that the rash was not treated before, because it was so bad that the boy was at risk for septic shock. And on top of that, the boy was malnourished at a “failure to thrive” level, causing him to be developmentally delayed.

Hawk has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. The boy is now with his father, along with two other siblings, and his condition is improving.

Of course, not all vegan diets would cause these horrific health effects, but parents raising their kids with a vegan diet need to take far more precautions for their health. For example, if moms themselves are on a vegan diet while breastfeeding, they may need to take vitamin D and B12 supplements, according to the U.K.’s National Health Service. And kids may feel full on high-fiber vegan food, but not get enough calories to thrive, so parents need to give them high-calorie foods like bananas, hummus, and peanut butter.


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    1. The problem may have stemmed from this mother’s own severe B12 deficiency which, along with causing the physical motor nerve damage seen in her babe, can also cause major mental issues from depression and illogical ditziness to paranoia, hallucinations, and even permanent brain damage! If she had been nursing (not mentioned in the news) and she knew to supplement her own B12, her child would have gotten enough B12 from her milk and she may have had enough wits to change course on the nuts. But, once she made this uneducated and life-threatening decision for both herself and child, could she even see the unfolding terrible results as she was also suffering them?

      The terrible rash most likely WAS an allergic reaction from all those nuts too early in life.

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