exam protector recognized French mother as impostor
exam protector recognized French mother as impostor

Exam protector recognized French mother as impostor

Parents who are willing to cheat for their kids’ grades are already a rung or two up the whacko ladder. But I can’t even be all finger pointy at 52-year-old Caroline D. who allegedly tried to pose as her daughter during the baccalaureate exam. I’m just too busy LOLing!

The Huffington Post reports that the mother really committed for this one — dressing in Converse sneakers, low-rise jeans, and “heavy makeup” to resemble her 19-year-old daughter. Apparently the mother could have gotten away with the ruse had her teenager daughter not showed up for a different exam. You guys were focusing too much on eyeliner and bronzer and not enough on the important stuff:

Since people of all ages sit for “le bac” — the final exam that French high school students must take before applying for admission to a university — the 52-year-old could have conceivably taken the exam without notice.

However, an exam protector, who had recently supervised another exam that the 19-year-old actually took, recognized the woman as an impostor. School officials notified local police and discretely pulled the woman out of the exam after two hours in order to not disturb others taking the test.

After being yanked by the cops, Caroline has admitted to cheating. She adds that she wanted her daughter to score particularly well on the English section, hence why she stepped in. Caroline will now confront federal charges for her helicopter mom ways. Her low-rising jeans Converse wearing heavy makeup sporting daughter could also potentially be banned from taking an exam in the next five years.

No matter, as you guys could take this mom daughter swapping to reality show heights!

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