Elian gonzalez joins cuban military
Elian gonzalez joins cuban military

Elian gonzalez joins cuban military : Cuba Releases Photo

This April marks the ten-year anniversary of when Elián González was forcibly removed from the home of relatives in Miami and returned to his father in Cuba. The Cuban propaganda machine, ever aware of the symbolism of Elián, has no qualms about exploiting the boy, now 16, when it serves the regime’s purpose.

The AP reports the government released today the above photo of González — wearing a Cuban military school uniform while attending a Young Communist Union congress — under the headline “Young Elián González defends his revolution in the youth congress.” González is no stranger to being celebrated in Cuba. His father was appointed to the parliament and still serves, and the boy’s December 7 birthday is marked with parades and celebrations every year.

Poor Elian!

For the last six years, after he was forced to return to Cuba to become another slave, Elian Gonzalez had to celebrate his birthday with his real father, Fidel Castro. But now, the Cuban dictator is half dead and unable to attend his young slave’s birthday party.
However, that doesn’t mean that Elian would be able to celebrate his birthday as a normal child. Not in Castro’s Cuba!

Elian, who today became a teenager, still had to “celebrate” his birthday party in the presence of two “viejos cagalitrosos,” the new dictator-in-chief and Ricardo “Watermellon Head” Alarcon.
Can you imagine? A teenager having to salute these two sinister characters on his birthday, after having been forced to do the same with Cuba’s mass murderer for the last six years?
Poor Elian! I wonder if Janet Reno remembered to send him a birthday card.

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    1. If the Cubans had really wanted to get rid of Castro, they wouild long ago have abandoned the financial embargo which keeps him in power. All of Europe, Japan, China, Latin America, etc is making money selling food there. Our U.S. farmers are the first to want to end it. It was trade that freed eastern Euroe, and the dollar will do the same to Cuba—if we allow it. Money talks and political poop walks…Wake up….Ideology doesn’t stand a chance next to money…!

    2. What kind of irresponsible reporting is this?

      • It sounds like ‘gusano’ reporting to me

      • The article or report is irresponsible and nonsensical. By trying to keep Elian in the US, they did in fact provide him and his father with a better life in his home in Cuba. Better than what he had before he was brought in the US.
        Most importantly he is living with his family where he belongs.

        So move on.

    3. For the TOTALLY out of reality in his way of thinking by the world he live on giving opinions in base of …..Cubans Can’t get out of Castro the same way YOU CAN’T GET OF THE GOVERNMENT HERE IN YOUR BUTT…telling You what you can do or not with your life, properties and so HERE IN THE FREEDOM OF USA…in Cuba like many countries out of the USA “REPRESSION” make you live a life YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES HERE…if You are going to given opinion AT LEAST TRY TO SOUND….you “Not even” understand why Elian had happen…. The secretary of defense in this country or ANY country don’t go to your house when you have a problem…your Opinion show that you have no idea what are taking about LIKE 95% OF THIS WORLD….giving you an example…..here In your oun country your government is telling you that your retirement build from the monies you have to give ( 30%) of your check MANDATORY every paycheck is not going to be there for you when you retire…REALLY?? Why Don’t you get rid of that??? THOSE ARE YOUR MONIES??….. When you find the way to fix that you will understand why Castro is still there………in The mean time as a free country you can express your self…but You sound like an…..try to connect your tonge to your brain before move it…..

    4. Next time I’m having a beer at the White House I’m going to show this to Obama. Just a rreminder of the tragedy caused by giving a little kid back to his real family – even though his Uncle Sammy only wanted the ‘best’ for him.

      And you don’t think, if he was doing bayonet practice in one of Miami’s ‘Frentes del Muerto’ somebody wouldn’t have been taking birthday ‘snaps’ too?

      The kid could be a future President of Cuba. Did you send him a birthday card?

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