Edmonton launches SmartTravel app to improve road safety
Edmonton launches SmartTravel app to improve road safety

Edmonton launches SmartTravel app to improve road safety

The Edmonton SmartTravel app can save you from getting speeding tickets and prevent you from being in traffic collisions. Using the app doesn’t replace safe driving. The app meets all the requirements of the distracted driving legislation.

Coun. Bev Esslinger said Monday the Edmonton Smart Travel App gives drivers verbal warnings to alert them to changes on the road.

“If you have this loaded and running in the background, as you approach the school zone you’d be very well aware of it,” she said. “I think it’s going to help all drivers be safer.”

The app, which cost about $250,000 to develop, doesn’t incorporate navigation, and so wouldn’t act as a substitute for commonly used apps such as Google Maps.

Esslinger said it’s a tool to help keep vulnerable people safe.

“Based on the information it provides through the maps, the app also sends push notifications alerting drivers of big-ticket events, reminding them that kids are back in school and can even notify drivers of black ice and other dangerous road conditions.”

City staff said data collected anonymously from users could be used to further develop the app and improve its features.

Coun. Dave Loken said the app won’t contribute to distracted driving as it activates automatically if a vehicle travels faster than 20 kilometres per hour.

“And you don’t have to touch it after that,” he said. “So the driver doesn’t have to have any contact with the app at that point.”


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