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Drone Alert In Yosemite, rangers say
Drone Alert In Yosemite, rangers say

Drone Alert In Yosemite, rangers say

National Park Service has issued a statement Friday, May 2, warning visitors of Yosemite National Park that according to federal rules the use of unmanned aircraft such as drones within the park’s borders is prohibited.

The drones can often be seen in Yosemite National Park buzzing loudly near waterfalls, above meadows or over treetops as guests use them to capture otherwise impossible-to-get photographs of the breathtaking landscape.

“Most if not all of the people using these are simply unaware that they’re illegal,” Gediman told The Associated Press.

One problem with the devices is that they can be distracting for personnel during emergency rescue operations, according to the Park Service.

Another issue is that they make lots of noise, putting a potential damper on the park experience for visitors.

“It takes away from the soundscape and the beauty of the park,” Gediman said.

The remote-operated aircraft can also interfere with sensitive wildlife, such as peregrine falcons, which nest on cliff walls.

As rangers gear up for an increase in visitors during the summer, Gediman said he hopes Friday’s announcement — along with similar advisories on Facebook and Twitter — will encourage people to leave their drones at home.


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