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Driverless car hits 140 mph (Video)
Driverless car hits 140 mph

Driverless car hits 140 mph (Video)

A driverless car reaches a speed of 140 mph (225kmph). Yes, you heard it right. Audi with its RS7 Piloted Driving Concept achieved another milestone in its Piloted Driving Concept with car clinching a spectacular feat.

Audi got its special RS7 Sportback concept to complete the driverless lap using GPS data transmitted to the car via WiFi and also with 3D cameras.

According to Audi, the driverless RS7 ran to its ‘physical limit’ while lapping the Hockenheimring circuit. While the car did indeed reach high speeds, it has been noted in numerous online comments that the car did appear to take some corners quite conservatively.

The driverless RS7’s cameras and radar actually read the track in real time. However, it’s hard to say how it’d cope on a public road or with other cars on track.

Still, the driverless RS7 did complete its lap without a hitch and the run strongly suggests Audi are keen to develop this kind of technology further.

Highlights of the driverless Audi’s run around Hockenheimring can be viewed on the Audi Media TV website. Prior this event, an online video was published showing the car testing at a different race circuit in Germany.


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