Donald Trump supporters walk out on Amy Schumer
Donald Trump supporters walk out on Amy Schumer

Donald Trump supporters walk out on Amy Schumer

About 200 people walked out of Amy Schumer’s Tampa Bay show over the weekend after riffing a series of Donald Trump jokes, according to local reports and videos posted online.

According to video of the show posted by the Tampa Bay Times and on YouTube, Schumer, who had been swigging from a bottle of wine, vowed she wasn’t going to “shame” the man named Dave, yet she ended up doing just that by grilling him as to why he’d want to vote for, “an orange, sexually assaulting, fake college-starting monster.”

The man noted he was voting for Trump mostly because he didn’t trust Hillary Clinton, and that earned him cheers from many in the packed house — and in short order, the hook from the comedian.

Some vocal fans began to boo, leading the comedienne to tell security to boot them from the arena.

From there, Schumer segued into calling for more gun control, and asked victims of sexual assault to stand up. The walk-outs continued, according to video of the concert.

“I don’t want to hear that. We wanted to have a good night without distractions with the politics,” attendee Bryon Infinger told the Tampa Bay Times afterwards. “It’s a bit much,” echoed his wife, Chrissy.

They both said everybody has a right to their opinion but thought Schumer went on too long.

“The show became political. I definitely didn’t come to hear this,” said another ticket holder, Ryan Atwood.


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